September 01, 2009

(CNN) -- The National Football League is reviewing a controversial block made by Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre during Monday night's pre-season game with the Houston Texans, the league told CNN Radio on Tuesday.

Favre -- who signed with the Vikings on August 18 after coming out of retirement for the second time in as many years -- committed an illegal "crack-back" block to the knees of Houston defensive back Eugene Wilson in the third quarter of the game. Favre was penalized and Wilson was injured on the play. NFL spokesman Randall Liu could not say when a decision on whether Favre will be fined is expected. However, he said fine information is typically confirmed on Fridays.

"In my mind I don't think there's any issue that he will receive some sort of a fine," said attorney Bill Moran, a partner at the New York law firm of McCarter & English. Moran recently advised the New York Giants in connection with a highly publicized shooting incident involving wide receiver Plaxico Burress.

Although he believes a fine is unavoidable, attorney Moran said Favre may be able to influence how severe the penalty is.

"If he is able to demonstrate to the commissioner that he is remorseful and that it won't happen again, I think that will weigh somewhat in the amount of the fine," said Moran. After the game, Favre insisted he wasn't trying to hurt Wilson on the play. "I hope he's OK," the three-time MVP said. "Believe me, my intentions were not to be cheap."

The flap over the "crack-back" block comes at a time when Favre may not be in 100 percent physical condition. He cited his initial reluctance at coming out of retirement to a partially torn rotator cuff. Favre also told ESPN prior to Monday night's game that he might have a cracked rib.

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