By Don Banks
August 02, 2013
Elvis Dumervil (top) gives the Ravens a lethal complement to Terrell Suggs on the edge.
Patrick Semansky/AP

"It'll be different, but sometimes I've actually seen defenses where all of a sudden you lost your stars and you even became better, because now everybody has to be responsible and take part ownership for the leadership factor,'' Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees said. "Sometimes the sum of those parts is greater than the whole. There might not be the guy who was a tremendous leader like Ray or Ed, but now everybody knows they have to do a little more than what they had to do before, because we can't rely on those two alone.''

A slower, heavier Terrell Suggs tallied only two sacks in 2012.
John Biever/SI

Not just different. Better. No wonder the Ravens are all smiles.

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