By Richard Deitsch
September 02, 2013
Peyton Manning's ease in front of a microphone likely will make him a wanted man by TV executives.
Ron Chenoy/US Presswire
Keith Olbermann's new ESPN show will draw, and limit, viewers based on their opinions of the host.

Mobley said Steve Keller was the steadicam operator who rode ahead in a pickup truck to capture the Clemson team bus heading to Memorial Stadium. He also ran down the hill with the team. The ESPN staffers outside the stadium (Steve Angel, Steve Ritchie, and Tom Stone), on the hill (Shawn Dechant, Jud Mazur, and Michael Ritchie), and the camera operators in the stadium (Mike Denton, Clint Goldwater, Tyler Ibarra, Dana Levin, Steve Lowe, John Lubash, Mike Miller, Steve Roy, Sam Tamez and Tim Tew) deserve major props. Well done.

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