September 06, 2007
  NFC Championship Game AFC Championship Game Super Bowl

Don Banks
Sean Payton, Drew Brees and Reggie Bush send the Saints marching into Arizona with their first Super Bowl berth in the team's star-crossed history.
Saints 31, Eagles 20
New England dashes yet another dream season for the Chargers, this time in the familiar and frosty confines of Foxboro's Gillette Stadium.
Patriots 24, Chargers 20
Tom Brady and Co. win a fourth ring -- again by three points -- besting a plucky Saints team that can't make up for New England's reservoir of big-game experience.
Patriots 27, Saints 24

Bucky Brooks
Terrell Owens shines in his return to Philadelphia with 150 receiving yards and two touchdowns to lead the Cowboys to another Super Bowl appearance.
Cowboys 31, Eagles 20
Tom Brady riddles the Ravens for 320 passing yards and connects with Randy Moss for two scores as the Patriots overcome a 10-0 halftime deficit.
Patriots 27, Ravens 13
A composed Tony Romo captures the Super Bowl MVP after passing for 252 yards and three touchdowns in the big game.
Cowboys 24, Patriots 20

Peter King
"God bless our fans," Sean Payton says after a deafening crowd at the Superdome frustrates Matt Hasselbeck all day.
Saints 23, Seahawks 21
Peyton Manning edges Tom Brady, again. It's becoming habit-forming.
Colts 30, Patriots 27
The highest-scoring Super Bowl of all time leaves Tony Dungy hoisting the Lombardi Trophy again.
Colts 44, Saints 38

Tim Layden
Drew Brees throws only four incomplete passes all day, Reggie Bush breaks ankles and the Saints' improved defense picks off three Tony Romo passes.
Saints 32, Cowboys 20
The Chargers and L.T. went 15-1 in the regular season. But for one afternoon, Baltimore's aging defense shut down the Chargers and made Philip Rivers beat them through then air, and he couldn't.
Ravens 16, Chargers 14
Given two weeks to prepare, Saints' head coach and playcaller Sean Payton puts together a brilliant game plan that allows Brees to carve up the Ravens with short throws.
Saints 27, Ravens 10

Dr. Z
The Saints make up for choking against the Bears last year.
Saints 19, Eagles 13
Norv Turner has gotten a bad rap through the years, but will get the job done.
Chargers 38, Indy 31
Bet the over in this one. Points are going to come in bunches.
Saints 31, Chargers 27

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