April 18, 2011
2011 NFL Draft Preview
Peter King's One-Minute Drills
AFC East
 Miami Dolphins: Move out of No. 15 possible
 New England Patriots: No. 33 pick is ace in the hole
 New York Jets: Needs for NT, LB and CB
 Buffalo Bills: Franchise QB or help on defense?
AFC South
 Houston Texans: Defensive needs will be addressed
 Indianapolis Colts: OT need is too big to ignore
 Tennessee Titans: No. 8 too high for best QB available
 Jacksonville Jaguars: Defensive end or QB make most sense
AFC North
 Baltimore Ravens: Moving out of No. 26 strong possibility
 Pittsburgh Steelers: Dreams of Pouncey falling to No. 31
 Cleveland Browns: Filling need for WR makes most sense
 Cincinnati Bengals: Life after Palmer could begin here
AFC West
 Oakland Raiders: Cornerback an option at No. 48
 Denver Broncos: Dareus at No. 2 solves some needs
 San Diego Chargers: Pass-rusher, run-stopper likely choices
 Kansas City Chiefs: Defensive tackle could pique their interest
NFC East
 New York Giants: No. 19 ideal spot to take offensive tackle
 Philadelphia Eagles: Reid's history suggests OL, DL picks
 Washington Redskins: Impact wideout makes sense at No. 10
 Dallas Cowboys: Guard or right tackle could be the pick
NFC South
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Pass-rushing DE the biggest need
 New Orleans Saints: Best RB in the draft could go here
 Carolina Panthers: No. 1 pick needs to be a superstar
 Atlanta Falcons: GM Dmitroff seeking explosive player
NFC North
 Green Bay Packers: In luxury spot, DL most likely choice
 Chicago Bears: Help needed in the trenches
 Detroit Lions: Moving up, down not out of question
 Minnesota Vikings: In market for long-term QB, OL help
NFC West
 Arizona Cardinals: Not locked into taking a quarterback
 49ers">49ers.SportsIllustrated/index.html">San Francisco 49ers: Quarterback and cornerback biggest needs
 St. Louis Rams: Will Julio Jones fall to No. 14?
 Seattle Seahawks: One of first-round's biggest mysteries
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