March 12, 2009
The combine is complete and pro days are under way and that means changes on the 2009 NFL draft big board. This year there's more movement than usual due to injuries, poor workouts and strange behavior. Several top five players have taken a significant plunge with the NFL draft now less than two months away while others now grade out as first-round possibilities.

1 Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest 6-3 247 lbs
Curry's terrific combine workout may have cemented his spot atop this list for good. He is the safest player in the draft and offers the least amount of downside risk.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 2
2 Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech 6-3 214
Crabtree's inability to run for scouts is not a deathblow to his draft ranking but teams will downgrade him.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 1
3 Jason Smith OT Baylor 6-5 305
The Bears athletic tackle answered questions about his strength during the combine, one of the few concerns about his game.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 4
4 Brian Orakpo DE-OLB Texas 6-4 260
Orakpo's dominant combine workout compliments his dominant play on the field.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 1
5 Eugene Monroe OT Virginia 6-6 315
Monroe looked terrific during position drills in Indianapolis and helped preserve some of the preseason draft ranking he lost after a poor senior season.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 8
6 Everette Brown DE-OLB Florida State 6-4 252
Brown ran well in Indy, which will calm the fears of scouts who project the college defensive end to outside linebacker in the NFL.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 10
7 Matt Stafford QB Georgia 6-3 228
Stafford bypassed a major opportunity to move higher by not throwing at the combine. He'll put all his eggs in his pro-day basket.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 9
8 Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri 6-1 200
Maclin ran well at the combine but it was not the game-breaking speed many thought he possessed.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 6
9 Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State 6-1 201
Defensive backs who cannot break 4.50 seconds on a stopwatch will ultimately drop down draft boards. Jenkins is feeling the brunt of his poor combine 40.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 5
10 Andre Smith OT Alabama 6-4 330
Smith showed a lot of immaturity at the combine and it will cost him millions.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 2
11 Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia 5-11 207
Moreno established himself as the draft's top back at the combine with a solid workout followed by a terrific session of position drills.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 11
12 B.J. Raji DT Boston College 6-1 323
Raji came to Indianapolis in relatively good shape then displayed a lot of athleticism and intensity in his workout.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 13
13 Michael Oher OT Ole Miss 6-5 318
Oher plays the position well and has enough talent to eventually develop into a starter at either left or right tackle.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 14
14 Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland 6-3 206
Heyward-Bey staked his claim to being the fastest of all the top-rated receivers, which bumps his grade north.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 23
15 Vontae Davis CB Illinois 6-0 204
Davis was the best defensive back on the field at the combine. Character issues still loom large but he helped himself in the past couple weeks.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 22
16 Chris Wells RB Ohio State 6-1 237
Wells was a little off his game at the combine and may now slip to the second half of Round 1.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 15
17 Percy Harvin WR Florida 5-11 195
Harvin did not show the game-breaking speed many thought he possessed. Making matters worse, he chose not to participate in the pass-catching workout.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 16
18 Peria Jerry DT Ole Miss 6-2 295
Jerry did not work out at the combine due to injury, yet still ranks as one of the top defensive linemen in the draft.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 18
19 Mark Sanchez QB USC 6-3 225
Sanchez was very accurate with his short and intermediate passes at the combine but struggled throwing downfield. He could be poised to slide on draft day.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 17
20 Brian Cushing LB USC 6-3 255
Cushing turned in a solid combine performance and looked good in position drills. There is a concern he may be limited to a 3-4 alignment yet there's no doubt he'll quickly make his mark in the NFL.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 28
21 Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest 5-9 190
Scouts were impressed with Smith's work on the field in Indianapolis and relieved he did not measure under 5-9.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 25
22 Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State 6-6 260
Pettigrew ran slow at the combine yet looked sensational in all other aspects of his workout. He's the most complete tight end in this draft.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 20
23 James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State 6-3 240
Laurinaitis looked stiff and slow during the combine. As we've said all along, he is a solid NFL linebacker prospect, nothing more.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 21
24 Clay Matthews LB USC 6-3 240
Matthews continues to move up and now has a real possibility to go in the first round after his combine performance. He looked fast and athletic in Indianapolis, which compliments the intelligence he plays with.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 36
25 Jared Cook TE South Carolina 6-5 240
Cook scorched the track at the combine, running faster than many of the defensive backs. He proved he is a deep threat at the tight end position.
Pre-Combine Ranking: 50

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