June 05, 2009
Top NFL Tweeters
Name: Steven Jackson (sj39)
Twitter Bio: NFL running back, community servant, lover of fashion
Followers: 5,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Movie day.. Just finished 'watching paid n full.' Now I'm going to watch 'Rent.'" 3:26 PM May 16th
"Btw I started a new book. 'the art of seduction.'" 11:55 PM May 4th

Name: Warren Sapp (QBKILLA)
Twitter Bio: Dance Floor Thrilla!! The People's Champ!
Followers: 4,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Mamba going in for the Kill!!" 10:33 PM May 29th
"1 week left til FATBOY IS BACK IN DA USA" 9:51 AM April 29th

Name: Mark Sanchez (Mark_Sanchez)
Twitter Bio: Former USC QB, selected 5th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft by the NY Jets. Follow me if you want a peek inside my journey as an NFL rookie.
Followers: 20,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Just met Prince Harry of the british royal family, had dinner w/ Charlie Crist @ Monkey Bar." 10:33 PM May 29th
"Finished my firsts weeks worth of practices, took some heat for GQ from the vets. Had a blast though. This place is awesome!" 4:50 PM May 21st

Name: Champ Bailey (champbailey)
Occupation: Cornerback for the Denver Broncos.
Followers: 4,000+
Sample Tweets:
"#itsucks when potato chip bags are half full!" 1:33 PM May 28th
"damn Maxim got that top pick wrong!! ???????" 3:57 PM May 13th

Name: Shawne Merriman (shawnemerriman)
Twitter Bio: San Diego Chargers Linebacker
Followers: 8,000+
Sample Tweets:
"so this was the bet i made i couldnt go home unless i had 10k followers.........nobody said i couldnt go straight to vegas so im on my way" 12:41 AM May 21st
"wow frankfurt germany has a lot of old buildings and check this they think im a wrestler for the WWE so im BOUSTISTA this trip" 2:43 PM May 13th

Name: Nick Mangold (nickmangold)
Twitter Bio: Center-NY Jets
Followers: 2,000+
Sample Tweets:
"After dominating the golf course its back to work. Media day today as well so it'll probably be a circus." 6:22 AM May 21st
"Cigars at lunch sound like a good thing until you smell yourself later. Shower time" 5:50 PM May 7th

Name: Rich Eisen (richeisen)
Occupation: NFL Network commentator
Followers: 14,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Got the day off today which means I'm going to go the whole day without the word "Vick" or "Favre." Doh! I just did it!" 12:17 PM May 21st
"Sapp is a reverse tweeter! After he put out on his page that people should folo me and put me over 10K, 8 people blew me off! C'mon people!" 6:54 PM May 20th

Name: Peter King (SI_PeterKing)
Twitter Bio:News about pro football, coffee and some other meaningless drivel from Sports Illustrated's senior NFL writer.
Followers: 18,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Home in Boston this afternoon writing Monday Morning QB. Topics: Wes Welker on Pats' offensive power, StarCaps impact on Vikes ..." 3:55 PM May 23rd
"But with Snoop Dogg at 242k, I'm afraid I'll always be in Twitter Triple-A." 3:58 PM May 21st


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