By Michael Rosenberg
February 02, 2014
Percy Harvin's kickoff return for a TD was just one of many key plays for Seattle in its rout of Denver.
Heinz Kluetmeier/SI

"It's all about us," Smith said. "We pay more attention to the things we're doing than [to] anybody else. We have principles we live by and play by. We watched a lot of Peyton, but the practice is definitely more important. We know how we're going to play, how we're going to look. We know what the weaknesses are and the spots that a smart QB like him would attack."

Seattle got the reputation as a hipster city with soft fans, which was ridiculous, but hey, reputations don't have to be accurate. It took this team to change that, and to heal some of the old sports-fan wounds. It took the best, toughest team in the league. The nation might wonder why the Super Bowl stunk. Seattleites know: Their team was just too great.

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