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Torrey Smith thinks Joe Flacco is unfairly criticized in the media

Joe Flacco tossed a career-high 22 interceptions last season. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Torrey Smith thinks Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens QB, is unfairly criticized by media

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl champion and a $100 million man, but he still takes his fair share of heat from the fans and media. Very few people believe Flacco deserved the kind of money he received, and his performance last season (a career-worst 22 interceptions as the Ravens missed the playoffs for the first time in his career) did nothing to silence the critics.

The latest criticism comes from the local media, which has been knocking Flacco for his inability to organize a workout this offseason with his wide receivers. Torrey Smith, the Ravens' leading receiver last season, says Flacco is not the reason a workout has yet to take place, and he believes the criticism of his quarterback is unfair.

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You all [in the media] keep talking about this and [criticizing] Joe like he doesn’t want to get together or something like that,” Smith said, via the team’s website.

“We’ve been trying to figure it out, but people have to realize, [Kyle Juszczyk] is in school, Marlon [Brown] is in school. Steve [Smith] is still being a parent down there [Carolina]. [Dennis] Pitta is fine. Aaron [Mellette] isn’t all the way back yet. If we really go out there and throw, it’s going to be, Steve, Pitta and Jacoby. That’s it.”

No one knows what Flacco better than the people who spend time in the locker room with him, so it says a lot if they are speaking up and defending him.