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In the NFL mock draft according to Twitter, Jameis Winston goes No. 1.

By SI Wire
April 29, 2015

Twitter calculated a mock draft for the 2015 NFL draft based on which draft-eligible players were most-mentioned in tweets discussing each NFL team and the draft.

Tweets between April 21 and April 28 were analyzed for the selection process. Whichever draft-eligible player was most-mentioned in tweets concerning each team among the first 10 picks was "drafted" by that team. If the player who was most-talked about by a team was already taken by another one, Twitter moved down to the next player on the list. 

In the Twitter mock draft, quarterback Jameis Winston went No. 1 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with quarterback Marcus Mariota going No. 2 to the Tennessee Titans. The full top 10 picks are below.

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The NFL draft will begin on Thursday in Chicago. Neither Winston nor Mariota will be in attendance. 

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