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Follow all our Super Bowl 100 coverage below as we unveil each chapter of the series.

October 06, 2015

Throughout the season Sports Illustrated and WIRED will explore, in stories and in video, the enormous changes that football will see over the next five decades. The revolution is already under way in player training and tracking, data analysis, stadium and equipment design, and the treatment and prevention of concussions—all leading to a vast array of technological marvels that will make the league, 50 years from now, resemble the love child of Georges Halas and Lucas.

Our series will conclude just before Super Bowl 50 in February, when SI and WIRED will publish a sci-fi dispatch from Super Bowl 100, in the year 2066.

Follow all the coverage below as we unveil each chapter of the series.

— Steve Rushin

Chapter 1: Training


What enormous changes await football in the next five decades? Steve Rushin introduces the road to Super Bowl 100. By Steve Rushin


Data-tracking implants? Gene splicing? Where does training go from here? By Tom Taylor


SI and WIRED explore how scientific advances in training may help create the perfect NFL athlete.


From a biomechanical standpoint, the throwing motion for quarterbacks and pitchers is pretty much identical. By Jeff Beckham, WIRED


When NFL is getting ready for Super Bowl 100, we will see athletes who have had every bit of their performance optimized through targeted training. By Mark McClusky, WIRED


Applied exercise science and old-school techniques transformed J.J. Watt into Andrew Luck’s worst nightmare. By Jeff Beckham, WIRED


Genetics experts explain the potential pitfalls and alluring upside of DNA editing on athletes.


Dr. Euan Ashley and his team are seeking out DNA samples from the most elite endurance athletes on the planet, hoping to find genetic reasons for why they are so fit.

Chapter 2: Equipment


The future of equipment is lighter, thinner and more flexible, with better protection. By Emily Kaplan


The next wave of footballs is so close. By Erik Malinowski, WIRED


Let's say you could modify the ball. Could a quarterback throw it farther? By Rhett Allain, WIRED


Football on the Red Planet would be very different than the game we know. By Rhett Allain, WIRED

Chapter 3: Stadiums


World's largest sports architecture firm gives its take on the NFL stadium of tomorrow. By Tim Newcomb


An innovative scanner promises to make security less of a pain in the ass. By Alex Davies, WIRED


An innovative scanner promises to make security less of a pain. By Jeff Beckham, WIRED

Chapter 4: Concussions


Can technology solve the biggest problem facing football? By Tom Taylor


This protective device can do so much more—and it will. By Jeff Beckham, WIRED

Chapter 5: Media


Glimpsing into the future of sports coverage. By Richard Deitsch


Inside the solar system's most interesting SB party. By Brian Barrett, WIRED


NFL Films is already adapting to the no-huddle news cycle. By Brian Barrett, WIRED

Chapter 6: Virtual Reality


This is only the beginning for virtual reality's intersection with football. By Lindsay Schnell


VR will radically alter how players train for the game. By Jeff Beckham, WIRED

Chapter 7: NFL in Society


Six SI staffers got together to talk about what football and the NFL will look like in 50 years. Compiled By Ben Baskin


Inside the NFL’s quest to build a global league. By Bryan Gardiner, WIRED

Chapter 8: Player Tracking And Data


The future of athlete analytics will protect players and better the game for fans and owners. By Tim Newcomb


For the NFL and its teams to realize their data dreams, here’s what needs to happen. By Joe Lindsey, WIRED

Chapter 9: Strategy


How computers will—and won’t—change football as we know it. By Tom Taylor


What will football look like in 50 years? Let’s first look at the last 50 years to see what’s changed. By Chris B. Brown, WIRED

Chapter 10: Super Bowl 100


Think Super Bowl 50 will be big? Imagining the 100th edition of the Big Game. By Steve Rushin

Chapter 11: Reader Poll


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