Tom Brady says he wants to play in the NFL for 10 more years

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 38, is in his 16th NFL season, but he does not see retirement on the horizon.
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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is in his 16th NFL season, but he does not see retirement on the horizon.

“I’d like to play a long time, yeah, a long time,” Brady said Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. “There’s a lot that goes into playing well. I’ve played with a lot of great teammates, but I want to play for a long time. Maybe 10 more years. I think that’s probably what my goal is.”

Though 10 additional years of playing time might seem unrealistic for a 38-year-old, Brady said as long as he is wanted by the team, he would be available to play.

“Well, it’s not always up to me,” he said. “That’s what my goals are, so that’s just what I’m hoping. And it will take a lot to achieve that. Obviously, a team has to want you, but I think that's, you know, I love playing this sport. I love making a commitment to my teammates and my coaches, and hopefully I can do it for a long time.”

After 212 games as the Patriots’ starting quarterback, Brady is in the midst of one of his best seasons yet. The 10-time Pro Bowler has led New England to a perfect 5–0 record while earning a 118.4 quarterback rating, which leads the NFL. His completion rate is currently a career-best 70.6%, and he’s thrown for 1,699 yards for 14 touchdowns with just one interception.

The Patriots play the New York Jets (4–1) in Week 7 at home.

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- Erin Flynn