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The NFL filed its final reply brief in the Deflategate appeal on Monday.

By SI Wire
December 21, 2015

The NFL filed its final reply brief in the Deflategate appeal on Monday, calling Judge Richard Berman’s ruling that vacated Tom Brady’s four-game suspension “plainly erroneous.”

The NFL Players Association, on behalf of Brady, filed a brief earlier this month and the NFL filed its response Monday. 

In the brief, the league argues that the union is seeking “to rewrite the CBA and open a loophole for any player to disqualify the Commissioner in any future conduct detrimental appeals,” according to ESPN.com.

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The arguments are similar to those the league has made throughout the appeals process. In a brief filed in October, the NFL said that Berman “vastly exceeded” his authority when he overturned Brady’s suspension, noting that the collective bargaining agreement grants the commissioner the ability to levy discipline at his discretion. 

The appeal will be heard by a panel of three judges on March 3. 

- Dan Gartland

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