The NFL may put data chips in game balls to decide if goal posts should be narrowed in the future.

By SI Wire
July 18, 2016

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The NFL is considering adding data chips to footballs during preseason and Thursday night games in order to gather information for possible rule changes, according to The Toronto Sun

After speaking with NFL senior vice president Dean Blandino, The Toronto Sun reports that the chips will be used in part to help the NFL decide if, and by how much, goalposts should be narrowed as part of an effort to make the kicking game in the league more difficult. In 2015, the NFL moved extra point attempts back to the 33-yard line, which caused a drop in the completion rate from 99.4% in 2014 to 94.2% last season.

The league is also hoping that the chips will help referees with more exact ball placement near the first down marker, as well as helping with close goal line plays, according to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert.

The NFL currently has similar chips in the shoulder pads of each player to track their movement and velocity on the field.

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