Kevin White offered a strong defense of Jay Cutler. 

By SI Wire
August 04, 2016

Bears wide receiver Kevin White told Sports Illustrated’s Ben Baskin that quarterback Jay Cutler is a “good teammate” who “has a bad rep for no reason.”

White, who missed his rookie season last year due to injury, said Cutler is misunderstood. 

“We need to clean Jay’s name up. He has a bad rep for no reason and I don’t like it. I came in and everyone was telling me, ‘Jay’s an a******, you‘re going to hate Cutler.’ I was like, I want to get to know this dude first,” White told SI. “And it’s just not true at all. None of it. Jay is like the pretty girl that doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t go out, so nobody really know that she’s pretty.”

White made his comments earlier this summer. In an interview with ESPN published Thursday, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett and Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett, who played with the Bears from 2013-15, criticized Cutler.

Michael Bennett called Cutler the “worst quarterback in the NFL,” while Martellus Bennett complained that Cutler would throw into double coverage when he was open. 

After a season lost to injury, Kevin White and Kelvin Benjamin return on a mission

Cutler threw 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 15 games last season for the Bears, who finished 6–10.  

“Jay Cutler is a good person. He wants to win,” White said. “He’s a good teammate and he cares a lot. He is not selfish at all.”

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