Teams are just as concerned about matching up against Tyler Eifert as they are when they face Rob Gronkowski.

September 05, 2016

Underrated: Tyler Eifert

Eifert was a Pro Bowler, but it seems like most people think there is a huge division between the Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski, who’s widely considered to be the best tight end in the league, and then everybody else. Don’t get me wrong, Gronk is still the best, but the gap is tighter than people expect. Teams are just as concerned about matching up against Eifert as they are when they face Gronkowski. Both of these guys are mismatches wherever they line up, whether they are on the line, flexed outside in the slot, or lined up out wide like a receiver. Eifert is among the best at his position. 

Overrated: Andy Dalton

Dalton is one of the classic examples of a quarterback who gets way too much praise when things go right and way too much blame when things go wrong. He is a solid player for the Bengals, but if they didn’t have A.J. Green, and Eifert, and that offensive line to protect Dalton, he’d have a pretty hard time being successful on the field. Cincinnati plays great defense as well and does a really good job on special teams, so Dalton is in a quarterback-friendly situation. If he were in Detroit, it would probably be a different story for him in the regular season. 

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