Roger Goodell is 100 percent sure he got Deflategate right

Roger Goodell said in an interview with Matt Lauer that he is confident he acted correctly on Deflategate. 
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As Tom Brady begins serving his four-game suspension, Roger Goodell remains confident in his handling of the Deflategate scandal. 

Goodell was interviewed by NBC’s Matt Lauer for a segment that aired during the Today show Sunday

“Can you look me in the eye and tell me as the commissioner of the NFL that you feel 100 percent certain that you got this right?” Lauer asked, referring to Brady’s case.

“Yes,” Goodell replied, “because we went through a very exhausting process with this. We had an independent investigation.”

“The process was properly followed,” Goodell added. “We collectively bargained a process for discipline. We went through that.”

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Lauer also asked if Goodell felt Brady’s four-game suspension was appropriate, given his star status.

“Every player, every team, is subject to the same rules,” Goodell replied. “We don’t have rules for marquee players and we don’t have rules for marquee teams.”

NBC will air more from the interview during Sunday Night Football.