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Brady implicated in neverending Deflategate scandal

Brady is accused of orchestrated the deflation of footballs in the 2015 AFC Championship. Deflategate, which lasted 623 days, would become one of the most ridiculous scandals in sports history.

Jan. 2015–Oct. 2016: The Deflategate Era started with a Brady win: a 45–7 thrashing of the Colts in the AFC Championship game. 623 days later, it ended with a Jacoby Brissett loss: a 16–0 Week 4 shutout at the hands of the Bills. In between, Brady was suspended four games, then not suspended at all, then suspended four games again (oh yeah, and he won that fourth Super Bowl ring, too). You know what we’ve learned over the course of those 623 days? Nobody cares. When this story first broke, some speculated that it would tarnish his legacy as a quarterback, an idea that is now simply laughable. In the end, even though he technically “lost” to the NFL and had to serve his suspension, Brady still won. Because the public will remember this “scandal” as a colossal waste of time. After all of the PSI levels and the “My Balls Are Perfect” headlines and destroyed cell phones, there’s still not any concrete evidence that Brady actually did anything wrong. Over time, people will talk more about what he did in Super Bowl XLIX, just days after the scandal surfaced, (spoiler alert: he did good things!), and what he'll do when he returns to the field with a vengeance than anything he may or may not have done to some footballs back in January of 2015.   

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