November 01, 2016

Browns fans did not enter this season expecting results (they’ve been getting plenty elsewhere in 2016). But there was hope in Berea that the team would end the season with as many causes for optimism as it started the year with. Maybe Robert Griffin III would provide stability, or Josh Gordon would get himself back on the field, or first-year head coach Hue Jackson and new defensive coordinator Ray Horton would at least figure something out on that side of the ball? But no. Griffin is RGIR once again, Gordon is recently out of rehab, and the defense ranks 31st in total yards. Meanwhile, the Browns are the last winless team in the league and the second ever to have six players throw a pass over the first seven games (in a non-strike season). The previous squad? 1976’s 0–14 Buccaneers. Uh oh. 

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