October 31, 2016

Seriously, this team is full of quality players, but ever since the Deflategate AFC Championship Game it’s been excuse after excuse with the Colts. Andrew Luck was injured last year after his offensive line couldn’t protect him well enough. The defense can’t find a decent pass rush. How can Ryan Grigson build a team when he had to pay Luck all that money? Chuck Pagano’s terrible, no good, very bad special teams trick play against New England. The excuses never end. Grigson should be on the chopping block, but we all know it’ll probably be Pagano’s head that rolls. At this point expect Pagano to withstand the remainder of the regular season because the AFC South is so bad, and it’s possible it will only take eight or nine victories to win the division. But much like John Fox with the Broncos in 2014, anything short of a Super Bowl should spell the end of Pagano's tenure in Indy.

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