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Who is the Jets' quarterback of the future? A) Bryce Petty B) Christian Hackenberg C) Ryan Fitzpatrick D) None of the above

October 31, 2016

The Jets, even after wins against the struggling Ravens and lowly Browns, are done for 2016. And they need to start thinking of 2017. The paramount question going into next year is whether the Jets already have their starting quarterback of the future. Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown his limitations at the end of last season and this year. Geno Smith is on injured reserve and a free agent after the season. At some point, even the Jets themselves will realize this season is lost and it will be time to find playing time for Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. Both showed flashes in college that could develop into NFL starting quarterbacks.

The next phase will be to see what they can do in real NFL games. That will give the Jets enough information about whether or not they need to use a high draft pick on a QB in next year’s draft. 

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