Butch Dill/AP

Seattle has been pulseless on offense in recent weeks. Some weapons must emerge for Russell Wilson before it's too late. 

October 31, 2016

The Seahawks have not won a game in three weeks, mostly due to the fact that the offense is reeling. In last Sunday’s loss to the Saints—known as one of the league’s worst defenses—Seattle scored just one touchdown.  Not only did the offense stall on most other drives, save for two field goals, but also the play calling and execution was flat and uninventive.  The week prior Seattle mustered just six points in a tie with Arizona.

In years past there has been a popular saying on social media from NFL fans: “Russell Wilson doing Russell Wilson things.” There are no “Russell Wilson things” as of late. None whatsoever. Seattle may still win its division by default but unless something starts clicking offensively, this team won’t be playing far into January, if it’s playing at all. The next three weeks against Buffalo, New England and Philadelphia should tell us a lot.   

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