Russell Wilson: President Trump might not last four years in White House

Russell Wilson says Donald Trump might not last four years in the White House.
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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson doesn't think President Donald Trump will last all four years in office.

Wilson made the comments on Facebook Live in a video called "Barbershop Talk Season 2."

"I don't even know if he's going to be able to last four years, in my opinion," Wilson said. "You don't want to wish bad upon anybody because if he doesn't last four years, that means that something went wrong, so hopefully nothing goes wrong, anymore that it's already doing. But it's just been a crazy 10 days already. And, you know, Barack! Comeback. Come back, Barack! Come back, Barack!"

Wilson also says in the video that he voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and shared a story about going to Los Angeles International Airport where there were massive protests after Trump issued a temporary ban on citizens from several countries entering the United States.

"We go to the LAX airport and there's people all over the place fighting for their lives and protesting and all the protests that have gone on ... through the African-American community, through obviously the Muslim community, too," Wilson says. "We're gonna be a nation that says we're equal, we have to be equal."

- Scooby Axson