Alshon Jeffery asks ESPN NFL Adam Schefter about wide receiver free agency market

By SI Wire
March 23, 2017

At the start of NFL free agency, fans stayed glued to their TV, phones, tablets and computers to get the latest information on how their team will improve over the offseason.

Most of the information that fans get will come from ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, who is probably the busiest NFL newsbreaker in the business.

The MMQB's Tim Rohan spent 24 hours with Schefter on the first day of free agency, after the 48-hour tampering period with players ended.

While most of what Schefter does can be expected (being glued to his phone all day), some of the sources he talks to try to get him to spill information.

One of those players is wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, who spent his first five seasons with the Chicago Bears.

On this day, Jeffery wants to know what other receivers on the market are making.

From the MMQB:

Schefter goes through the contract numbers on Smith, Jackson and Pierre Garçon, slowly, so Jeffery can apparently write them down. “It’s all about the guarantee, Alshon,” Schefter says.

“It’s all about the guarantee … Your average per year could be $100 million. It doesn’t matter. If they’re going to guarantee you the majority of the contract, that’s what you want.” Schefter asks where Jeffery is going. Jeffery doesn’t have an answer yet.

Schefter asks that Jeffery notify him when he does make a decision and leaves the conversation at that. After he hangs up, Schefter explains that he helps players like that “hoping that they reciprocate. Some people do, and some people don’t. And we’re going to find out.”

Jeffrey eventually signed a one-year deal, $9,5 million deal with the Philadelphia Eagles after calling ESPN reporter Josina Anderson, not Schefter, to break the news.

- Scooby Axson

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