Davon House missed his connecting flight from Minneapolis to Green Bay the night before the start of OTAs. Packers fans stepped up.

By Jeremy Woo
June 06, 2017

Packers cornerback Davon House found himself in a serious pinch on Monday night, and a pair of generous Green Bay fans stepped up to help him out.

ESPN reported out in detail the sequence of events that began with House missing a connecting flight from Minneapolis to Green Bay, and ended with two brothers giving him a late-night lift.

Chad Johnson (no, not that Chad Johnson) and his brother Mike, who live in Western Wisconsin, made the drive to Minneapolis to scoop up the stranded House and deliver him to his destination right on time. They even brought him a pillow for the ride.

“I went to bed, and I was scrolling through my Twitter and saw he needed a ride," Chad Johnson told ESPN. "My brother lives in Hudson; I'm in Eau Claire. I tweeted him that, 'I could come pick you up,' and in the meantime I texted my brother that House needs a ride. My brother also tweeted him. He was closer, so he swung up to the airport and picked him up, and I met him on Highway 29 so my brother and I could keep each other awake.”

The Johnsons and House arrived at House’s car, which was parked at the Green Bay airport, and from there, House brought them to the Packers’ facility and gave them some signed gear and gas money.

Good job, everyone.

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