The New England Patriots received their Super Bowl LI rings on Friday.

By Scooby Axson
June 09, 2017

While the rest of the sports world have their eyes glued on the NBA Finals, the New England Patriots had their own celebration on Friday, as the team received their Super Bowl rings.

In case you weren't one of the 115 million people that watched the Super Bowl, the Patriots came back from a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime in Super Bowl LI.

The ring has 280 diamonds and features the Patriots logo, made from a custom-cut created corundum sapphire and ruby. Another sapphire in the background surrounds Patriots logo and features each of the five Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophies, with the words "World Champions" on the side.

"We celebrated our first Super Bowl ring ceremony 15 years ago to the day," said Patriots owner Robert Kraft. "It was our first Super Bowl championship in 42 years and, at the time, I couldn't imagine a more exciting game or ring celebration.

On the left side of the ring has the player's name and their number in diamonds. A lighthouse and bridge with the years of the previous Super Bowl wins are also on the side. On the inside of the ring reads the words "Greatest Comeback Ever."

The right side has the Super Bowl LI logo with the 34–28 final score at the top and New England's 17–2 overall record at the bottom.

The ring has a carat weight of 5.1.

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