The Raiders pulled off a flea-flicker for a 38-yard touchdown to Amari Cooper. 

By Daniel Rapaport
October 19, 2017

Flea-flickers are fun, that's for sure. Their efficacy is another story; it feels like we see the quarterback eat the football and take a sack just as often as he actually throws the ball downfield. 

The Raiders pulled one off—with an assist from the refs—for a 38-yard touchdown on Thursday night against the Chiefs. Derek Carr found Amari Cooper for the score, though it seemed pretty clear that Cooper got separation by pushing off. 

How that's not pass interference, the world may never know. But that's a beautiful sight for Raider fans, particularly because it was Cooper who caught the ball. Cooper has been struggling mightily, and any big play he can make, whether ref assisted or not, could be the confidence boost he needs to get his season back on track. 

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