Russell Wilson was sent off for a concussion test but was never examined by a doctor. 

By Dan Gartland
November 10, 2017

The NFL will conduct “a thorough review” of the Seahawks’ concussion evaluation on Russell Wilson in Thursday night’s game, the league announced Friday

Wilson left the game briefly after a shot to the jaw and was sent off the field by referee Walt Anderson to be evaluated for a potential concussion. Wilson was never tested, though, and instead left the medical tent before being examined by a doctor, declaring himself good to go. Wilson explained after the game that he “felt completely clear.”

“A thorough review is underway,” the league said in a statement. “According to the policy jointed developed by the NFL and NFLPA, if the Concussion Protocol is not properly followed the club is subject to discipline.”

Once a player is sent off for a concussion test, he must be cleared by the team doctor and an independent neurologist before he can return to the field. This didn’t happen in Wilson’s case, which would seem to be a clearcut violation of the policy. 

The NFL announced in 2016, after deciding not to punish the Rams for mishandling Case Keenum’s concussion the previous season, that violations of the concussion protocol would result in punishment. The fine for a first offense is $150,000 but commissioner Roger Goodell also has the authority to dock draft picks if the offending team is determined to have skirted the rules to achieve a competitive advantage. 

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