Tom Savage Defends Bill O'Brien's Handling of Concussion Situation

Savage said no one cares about his players more than Bill O'Brien. 
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Texans quarterback Tom Savage tweeted his support of coach Bill O'Brien on Monday, saying that he's doing fine and that no one cares about his players more than O'Brien. 

O'Brien has come under fire for his staff's decision to let Savage back into Sunday's game after cameras showed his hands shaking involuntarily after a hit from 49ers defensive end Elvis Dumervil. Savage was briefly evaluated by medical professionals after the hit but then returned for one series. He was then evaluated again, and trainers told O'Brien they were not satisfied with his answers to their questions, so he was removed from the game. 

The NFL and NFLPA announced that they're investigating Houston for a possible violation of the league's concussion protocol. 

O'Brien said on Monday that had he seen the video of Savage's hands shaking, he would not have let him re-enter the game

“With benefit of seeing the video, obviously from my standpoint — the care for the player — I would have never let that player back into the game and I don’t believe [head trainer] Geoff Kaplan would have let that player back in the game," O'Brien said. "I don't have benefit of the video. I did not see anything."

O'Brien also said that he expects T.J. Yates, who replaced O'Brien against San Francisco, to start Sunday's game at Jacksonville.