Ertz had to wait until after the USWNT's game against Denmark to find out the Eagles-Vikings score. 

By Daniel Rapaport
January 21, 2018

Julie Ertz, whose husband Zach is a Pro Bowl tight end for the Eagles, couldn't watch the NFC Championship Game because she had a game to play herself—the U.S. women's national soccer team had a poorly timed (for Julie) friendly against Denmark, which they easily won 5-1.

She had to wait until after the game to hear that her husband is headed to the Super Bowl, and she was understandably overjoyed at the news. 

"Oh yeah, we were texting like right until the last second we could absolutely text," Ertz told ESPN when asked whether she'd communicated with Zach before the game. 

"I tried not to look at halftime, but you know people gave me the smile as if they knew something. I couldn't wait until, like, the whistle was going to blow. And then they told me, and I had to make sure from like ten people that they're going. I'm so excited for them. Unbelievably excited." 

Zach Ertz led the Eagles with eight receptions and 93 yards, and Julie Ertz scored the U.S.' second goal. What a night for that marriage. 

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