A video compilation of every reported concussion this season was released Thursday.

By Charlotte Carroll
February 01, 2018

With Super Bowl LII just a few days away, a short film titled "Concussion Protocol" was released Thursday on The Intercept, which shows a compilation of every reported concussion this season.

It was directed by Josh Begley and produced by Laura Poitras.

Begley has been tracking the injuries all season, reviewing injury reports from NFL.com and created what he believes is the most complete list from this season. The NFL reported 281 concussions this season — the most since 2012. 

He then put them into video form in slow motion and in reverse, resulting in "Concussion Protocol."

On the post accompanying the video, Begley says the video "does not make an argument for ending football. Rather it invites a set of questions."

Read the rest of Begley's post here

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