Despite an initial anesthesia induced freakout, this girl is definitely not missing the Super Bowl. 

By Charlotte Carroll
February 02, 2018

Haley Parks is definitely not missing the Super Bowl after a video of the aftermath of her wisdom teeth removal went viral and the Eagles offered her tickets to the big game. 

In the video that has been viewed close to three million times, Parks freaks out about missing the Super Bowl after undergoing anesthesia for the procedure. She's crying and worrying, while her mom assures her that she hasn't missed the important matchup. 

She cries about Carson Wentz' injury and declares her love for the team, saying they are "like (her) sisters."

She even wants to let the Eagles know about her love for the team, with mom saying just tell them. Parks then says "I don't have their telephone number."

Well it looks like no phone number was required. 

The interaction is even cuter with her mom commenting on the post in disbelief that the Eagles were giving her two tickets.

Hey, if all it takes is getting our wisdom teeth out for Super Bowl tickets, sign us up. 

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