Why am I not surprised?

By Daniel Rapaport
February 03, 2018

Rob Gronkowski loves the number 69. Like, he's sort of obsessed with it.

He once purposely missed a free throw in high school to keep his team's score at 69. He struggled to stop himself from laughing after catching his 69th touchdown pass. He even put 69 on the back of his jersey in masking tape. And this year—coincidence or not—he had...wait for it...69 catches. 

Now Gronkowski is excited about having 69 family members come to Minnesota to watch his Patriots play the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. From his website Gronk Nation:

Gronk has 69 reasons to be hyped for Super Bowl LII, and that's just the number of family and friends who are flying to Minneapolis to see him play on Sunday.

Number 87 was finally cleared to play in Super Bowl LII after passing the mandatory concussion protocol, and he was the hottest commodity at the Patriots press conference from Mall of America on Thursday.

Maybe 69 is the exact amount of friends and family that he felt was appropriate to invite regardless of the number, but something tells me there might be a friend or two who didn't get the invite strictly for 69's sake.

That kind of commitment has to make Bill Belichick proud. 

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