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I saw it last week for the first time, and sure enough it was there again after the Titans beat the world champion Eagles at home in overtime. And it’s not like Mike Vrabel’s crew coined it. “For the Boys” was the name of a movie a couple decades ago, and part of a tweet that went viral and became a line of Barstool merchandise last year, and was worn out plenty in other ways in the years in between.

That said, for one reason or another, it really fits what Vrabel and his staff have been looking to build in Nashville over the last 10 months. So For the Boys it is.

“I’ve always talked about the team and putting the guy next to you in front of you, in your concerns and thoughts,” Vrabel said over his cell, a couple hours after that dramatic win over the Eagles. “And they’ve embraced that, and they’ve kind of put it a new spin on it—For the Boys. It’s whatever you gotta do for the team, whatever you need to do for the guy next to you, guys are willing to do it.

“They care more about the guy next to them than they do themselves.”

It might sound a little corny. But it sure is working.

The Titans opened the year with a twice-storm-delayed 27–20 loss in Miami that took almost seven hours to complete. Since then, they’ve been on a tear. First they took down Vrabel’s old team, the Texans. Then they went into Jacksonville—with the Jags flying high off a convincing win over New England—and knocked off the reigning division champs. This week it was the NFL’s kingpin feeling their wrath.

In that game was one of two big fourth-down decisions made during the 1 p.m. window on Sunday. The other one, in Indianapolis, didn’t work out for the coach pushing his chips in and betting on his offense. This one did. For the Boys.

The situation: Late in overtime, with the Titans trailing the Eagles 23-20, Marcus Mariota scrambles for 15 yards to turn third-and-17 into fourth-and-2 with 1:16 remaining in OT. Vrabel sends Ryan Succop out for a 50-yard field try to tie the game at 23. Then the rookie coach calls timeout. Succop returns to the field after the timeout, then the field goal unit comes off, and the offense goes back on. Eagles timeout. Vrabel puts the offense back out there a second time.

From there, Mariota dumps a little swing pass off to Dion Lewis in the right flat. A block from receiver Tajee Sharpe on Philly linebacker Jordan Hicks springs Lewis to get past the sticks, and Lewis beats Ronald Darby one-on-one, paving the way for a 17-yard gain. The game-winner is three plays away.

Mike Vrabel.

Mike Vrabel.

When I asked Vrabel if he hoped his players took the gutsy call as a vote of confidence, he didn’t skip a beat.

“I don’t think I have to hope that, I know that,” Vrabel said. “They tell me that. I tell them we’re going to be aggressive. They’ve embraced that. And so they know I have confidence in them. I don’t have to hope about that. They’re excited about that.”

The For the Boys thing is just one example of how things in Tennessee are starting to fit together into one of the better stories of this NFL season at the quarter-pole. You might not have noticed the Titans much before yesterday. But you should probably start paying attention.

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Week 4 is in the books, and we’re down to two unbeaten teams and one winless team left—meaning we go into October with 29 teams within two games of each other. That’s to say, we don’t know much yet, even if there is a lot to get to today, including:

• The fourth-down call that didn’t go quite as well for the offense in Indianapolis as it did for the Titans, and why that may have saved the Texans season, at least for now.

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