Hue Jackson Says Official Wasn’t Sure Game Was Over After Field Goal in Overtime

Hue Jackson was mocked for apparently forgetting the overtime rules. He says it was actually an official who was confused. 
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Browns head coach Hue Jackson was the subject of some mockery after Cleveland’s overtime win on Sunday against the Ravens. 

After Greg Joseph’s 37-yard game-winning field goal sneaked over the crossbar with two seconds left in overtime, Jackson was shown on the sideline raising two fingers as if to indicate that the game wasn’t over yet. 

Many fans on social media poked fun at Jackson for apparently not knowing the rules, but Jackson said Monday that it was actually a member of the officiating crew who was confused. 

“All I did was put up two fingers because there were two seconds left on the clock, and I knew it could not be because it was overtime and once we kicked the field goal the game was over,” Jackson said on a conference call. “One of the officials was saying, ‘Hold on, wait a minute. Hold on.’ Even the official was trying to make sure—wait a minute—I think he had to go back and make sure that it was overtime in his own mind. The first thing he said was there was two seconds left. That is why I put up two fingers because I was trying to really understand what he was saying, and basically, what that was just me referring back to him that the two seconds did not matter. The game was over. It was overtime.”

The NFL’s overtime rules changed fairly recently but they’re still not that hard to understand. You figure the guys in charge of enforcing the rules would have a pretty good handle on them.