The lowest-scoring game came in 1972, but even that wasn't a shutout.

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
February 03, 2019

No game in Super Bowl history has ever ended with a shutout.

While there are a number of occasions where one team's offense failed to score, no team was completely blanked on the big stage.

In 1972, the Washington Redskins' lone score came on a fumble return following a blocked field goal attempt. The Redskins lost 14–7 in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in NFL history.

The Minnesota Vikings' offense also failed to score in 1974. The Vikings fell 16–6 to Pittsburgh, their only touchdown coming on a blocked punt that was recovered in the end zone. The New York Giants fell 34–7 to the Baltimore Ravens after scoring one touchdown on a kickoff return.

The only team who failed to score a touchdown were the 1971 Dolphins, who lost 24–3 to the Dallas Cowboys.

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