It took Wolfson awhile before she was finally able to track down Tom Brady for a postgame interview after a Super Bowl win.

By Kaelen Jones
February 03, 2019

Super Bowl LIII proved to be quite the slugfest between the Patriots and Rams. But perhaps no one put on as gritty of a performance as CBS' Tracy Wolfson.

Following New England's victory, Wolfson–along with a cascade of media members–crowded around Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. But it took a few minutes before Wolfson, who appeared to attempt starting her interview a few times, was able to reach Brady.

Try as she might, Wolfson was able to get to Brady. Observers and peers across the nation took to Twitter to express concern for Wolfson's well-being, as well as commend her hard-fought effort.

Some expressed displeasure with CBS' attempt to conduct a postgame interview immediately after the game ended. And some cracked some jokes.

It was quite the way to cap off the NFL season. The Patriots earned their sixth championship in franchise history. And Tracy Wolfson was deemed a champion in her own right.

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