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Titans WR Adam Humphries Understands Why Strangers Don't Believe He Plays in the NFL

Adam Humphries doesn’t exactly look like a football player. He gets it. 

When people see Titans wide receiver Adam Humphries, they have little reason to assume he's a professional athlete.

He's an average-sized white guy, so it kind of makes sense.

Obviously, he's not the only white dude under 6' and 200 lbs to make it to the NFL. But considering the average look and build of guys the average person associates with pro football players, you can understand how we get to this point.

However, after seeing the likes of Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Cole Beasley, Kevin Curtis, Brandon Stokely and basically any other white receiver who played heavily in the slot over the last two decades, you'd think we'd move past this stigma as a society and recognize small white dudes can be great football players too.

"It comes with it," Humphries said according to Erik Bacharach of the Nashville Tennessean. "5'11", short, white dude, claiming he plays in the NFL. So yeah, it's funny. I have to, you know, persuade people that I actually do play in the NFL."

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But seriously, how bad could it be? How much of a Joe Everyman could Humphries possibly look like?

OK, damn, this is worse than I thought. I think he's the one on the far right?

I get why people are a bit skeptical despite the fact Humphries fits the mold for his position. A position he excelled at last season by grabbing 76 receptions for 816 yards and five touchdowns in his fourth year with the Buccaneers.

While fans of his new team in Tennessee still might not believe he gets paid to get tackled by men like Jalen Ramsey and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, that is exactly what he does. And Tampa Bay fans who were in Nashville for the draft last week did recognize Humphries on the street for his work on the field.

Maybe there would be less skepticism if he just said he was a kicker or punter.