Gamers who got early access to Madden 20 this weekend discovered that the game has some serious bugs that need to be sorted out before it is released on a wider scale this coming Friday.

While some of the glitches are simply chuckle-worthy, there is one that is sure to be a major headache for players. For some reason, players are able to bounce off of tacklers like they’re made of rubber.

The effect is especially strong on Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. With a 94 speed rating, 95 agility and 85 elusiveness, Jackson is already one of the shiftiest ballcarriers in the game. Add the glitch on top of that and the result is downright comical.

It’s safe to assume that Jackson will be a lethal player when the Madden developers sort out all the kinks, but this glitch makes him even better than the legendary Madden 2004 version of Michael Vick. Hell, if you watch to the end of that video you see that even Ravens kicker Justin Tucker can bounce off tackles at will.

The unstoppable ballcarrier is far from the only one in the game this year. Here’s one where a guy rolls on the ground and is somehow still not considered down.

The other glitch that appears to be affecting many players is one where the ball is inexplicably stuck to a player’s helmet as he runs downfield.

It might be smart to wait a few days before firing up the new Madden.