A suspension is reportedly not being considered for Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett after he hit Packers running back Jamaal Williams.

By Charlotte Carroll
September 27, 2019

Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett will not be considered for a suspension after he hit Packers running back Jamaal Williams in Thursday night's 34-27 win over Green Bay, reports ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

Barnett, who turned and hit Williams with his shoulder at the last minute, could be fined, according to Schefter, but he likely won't be suspended.

Williams was carted off in the first quarter after Green Bay's first offensive play. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw a pass to Williams, and immediately after the play was blown dead, Barnett delivered the hit.

"I was running to the ball and I didn’t hear a whistle," Barnett said of the hit, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane. "I went in and tried to tackle him because we’re playing football. I wasn’t trying to hurt anybody because it’s our livelihood so I don’t wish [harm] upon nobody. And I heard he’s doing he’s alright, he’s good. I told him my apologies. He knows it’s a violent sport."

The Packers shared an update from Williams on Friday.

Williams was ruled out of the game, but the team noted he had feeling in his extremities. 

Later in the game, Eagles cornerback Avonte Maddox was stretchered off in the fourth quarter after a collision with teammate Andrew Sendejo. 

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