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Report: Rodgers Could Face Fines for Maskless Press Conferences, Halloween Party Attendance

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers could face fines if the NFL determines he violated any of its protocols related to COVID-19, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

However, per NFL Network, Rodgers is not expected to face a suspension if violations are found.

The league announced it was reviewing the situation on Thursday, in the aftermath of Rodgers testing positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week.

In particular, Rodgers faces potential fines from the team or league for appearing maskless at press conferences and attending a Halloween party with many teammates.

The NFL said in a statement Wednesday: "The primary responsibility for enforcement of the COVID protocols within club facilities rests with each club. Failure to properly enforce the protocols has resulted in discipline being assessed against individual clubs in the past. The league is aware of the current situation in Green Bay and will be reviewing the matter with the Packers."

In an interview on Friday on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers confirmed that has unvaccinated, adding that he is allergic to an ingredient in the mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna. 

In response to claims he did not follow protocols for unvaccinated players, Rodgers said: "I have followed every single protocol to a T, minus the one I just mentioned, which makes absolutely no sense to me." He described the "routine of an unvaccinated person" as getting tested every day, including at 5 a.m. for noon games, and then having to wait in a car for results, compared to vaccinated players who are tested and just "walk right in."

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Rodgers claimed "a lot of the protocols aren't based on science at all," and specifically took issue with having to be masked at press conferences as an unvaccinated player.

"Some of the rules to me are not based in science at all," Rodgers said. "They're based purely in trying to out and shame people. Like needing to wear a mask at a podium when every person in the room is vaccinated and wearing a mask makes no sense to me." 

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday that a number of executives from other teams are complaining that their teams were held to different standards than the Packers in relation to COVID-19 protocols.

"What's going on in Green Bay, that's not what teams were told by the NFL," one executive told ESPN. "Our players wore masks all the time. We made our guys that weren't playing wear masks."

Rodgers will be inactive for Green Bay's contest Sunday against the Chiefs. He could return next Sunday for the Packers' game against the Seahawks.

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