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49ers Continue Ownership Over Rams in 24-9 Win in Primetime

The 49ers get back to a .500 record after reminding the football world that they OWN the Rams in the regular season.

A struggling 49ers team used a Monday night dominant win over the Rams last year to catapult themselves on a playoff run.

This year's 49ers team might have just replicated that as they continue their regular season ownership over the Rams in their 24-9 win in primetime. A huge bounceback after their incredible disappointment last week to the Broncos. The 49ers haven't suffered a defeat to the Rams in the regular season since 2018. It is unreal to have such a stranglehold on a good team in the division for so long. This must've been what it felt for the Seahawks over the 49ers for all those years.

San Francisco now sees themselves with a 2-2 record and sitting atop first place of the NFC West. Best part of this win is they put the Rams in the loss column, while also potentially giving themselves momentum going into Week 5 against a porous Panthers side. The 49ers can be seeing themselves going on a winning streak following this game as they have the Falcons to face after the Panthers. A critical stretch is approaching the 49ers here. However, they need their offense to give them more.

The defense was never going to be ANY concern going into this game. They were always going to do their thing and suffocate the Rams. I don't even think there is a debate anymore as to whether or not the 49ers have the best defense in the league. Spoiler alert -- they do. Talanoa Hufanga looks like the best safety all-around and has already made more plays through four games than Jaquiski Tartt did in his entire tenure with the 49ers.

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Everything is just perfect right now for the 49ers defense. Pass rushing was always going to be incredible as they showed tonight with SEVEN sacks. They sured up their backend coverage with Charvarius Ward addition, Hufanga playing like an All Pro, and playing with found money in Tashaun Gipson. Oh yea, Jimmie Ward is set to return soon too, which will only enhance this side. They're going to need his addition as the defense has to continue to sustain their elite level of performance with the offense still struggling.

All the Monday night matchup with the Rams proved to the 49ers that Deebo Samuel is still a unicorn as he tallied six catches for 115 yards and a touchdown. Jimmy Garoppolo started the game hot, but after the game script was over with, he looked back to his pedestrian self. The 49ers are going to need more from Garoppolo, which is always going to be a tall task for him. The 49ers can win games with his form from Garoppolo, but there will be times where the offense needs him to be more.

I have no clue how Kyle Shanahan can get him to identify the wide open receivers more. I mean, Garoppolo didn't even glance or consider a wide open Brandon Aiyuk on their last redzone opportunity. Aiyuk dusted his defender on the whip route, which the quarterback should be able to identify the mismatch and look to Aiyuk and not wait for George Kittle to come across the field. If Garoppolo can just start hitting a couple of these wide open receivers going forward, then it makes a world of a difference. It won't be a correction that can easily be made in a week or so, and I wouldn't hold my breath that it even happens.

Still, the 49ers need Garoppolo to hit these guys and continue to take care of the football. If they can do this and not put the defense in compromising positions, then this team will be on cruise control to a playoff berth.