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49ers Shoot Themselves in the Foot in 30-23 Loss to Seahawks

49ers could not overcome mistakes against the Seahawks.

That was a rough one.

A three game winning streak ended just like that.

The 49ers shoot themselves in the foot in 30-23 loss to the Seahawks.

Much like the previous matchup with the Seahawks, the 49ers looked like they were going to run away with it early on. The defense was completely smothering the Seattle offense. Russell Wilson from the get go was struggling to sit in the pocket. That was a trend that maintained throughout the game for the most part. Everything felt right with the 49ers to win and win convincingly.

And then, the mistakes started happening. 

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It all started with the special teams gaff on the very first punt return. Seattle, being the desperate team that they are, were going to try any and every every trick in their playbook. That meant fake punts, onside kicks, and fourth down tries were going to be on the table. Yet, for some reason special teams coach Richard Hightower did not alert his side to that possibility. The Seahawks scored an EASY touchdown on a fake punt carry to Travis Homer. The 49ers didn't even look like they expected it, which is inexcusable.

That would make it two weeks in a row that the special teams has allowed a touchdown. It is outright ridiculous. Hightower needs to be reprimanded and let go by years end. 

Speaking of being let go by years end, Jimmy Garoppolo cannot get out of here faster. His interceptions kept Seattle alive in this game. All of the 49ers' errant plays came from the special teams, penalties on defense, and Garoppolo. It is just amazing that a quarterback in year eight of his career still cannot read and process beyond a rookie level. Garoppolo once again proves why the 49ers are going to move on from him.

This loss to the Seahawks is a bad one. The Seahawks did nothing special. It was just the easy gifts from the special teams, Garoppolo, and the defense. Luckily, the Vikings loss today so the 49ers playoff picture is still strong.

But boy, do they need to clean up these mistakes next week.