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The San Francisco 49ers will be donning their 1994 white uniforms on Sunday at Levi's stadium against the Carolina Panthers. So far, the 49ers are already winning just off of their uniforms. I mean come one, those jerseys are just too sharp and fresh, which is what the Panthers are gonna look like on Sunday.

Carolina is coming off of their bye week, so they have had time to rest and prepare for the 49ers. This team must not be overlooked just because they have a backup quarterback. Kyle Allen has been performing exceptionally well in the absence of Cam Newton, who is rehabbing a foot injury. 

Arguments are even being made that the Panthers are better off with Allen for the long haul. As well as Allen has been playing, the real threat to the 49ers is Christian McCaffrey. This guy has been an absolute freak of nature. Attempting to contain him will not be easy. McCaffrey is the most elite offensive player the 49ers have faced and likely will face all year. 

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Luckily for them, they do have the players capable of matching up with him. Kwon Alexander, Fred Warner and even Jimmie Ward should get looks against him. The key to winning this game is to, at the very least slow down Christian McCaffrey. If they allow him to have his way, then this will end up being a shootout.

If that ends up being the case, then it should be no problem for the 49ers’ offense now that they have Emmanuel Sanders in their ranks. Moving the chains and scoring in crucial situations will be exectued much more smoothly now with Sanders. His addition also allows the rest of the wide receivers to see matchups against corners on the lower end of the depth chart.

 Seeing how much Sanders is used will be an indicator of how much of the playbook he was able to get down in a very short time frame. This game will definitely live up to the hype and despite the extra time the Carolina Panthers have had, I don’t envision them winning on Sunday. The Panthers are a good football team, but the 49ers are a great one.

Final: Panthers 24 49ers 31