49ers Win Defensive Battle Against Eagles 17-11

Defense, defense, and more defense!

Defense, defense, and more defense!

That was the name of the game for 49ers in Week 2 as they won the defensive battle against the Eagles 17-11.

Going into this game, it was easily going to be a much more difficult battle for the 49ers than Week 1. The Lions were just a warm-up to what the 49ers were going to face in Philadelphia. The Eagles have an array of talent. They were not just going to lay down and let the 49ers beat them. This a prideful team that will take it to the edge with anyone and showed today against the 49ers.

For the 49ers, this is an impressive win. To defeat a team on the road in the eastern time zone that has a mobile quarterback says a lot about the 49ers. All you can do is focus on the defense and how they performed. There is this narrative against them that they cannot match up well against mobile quarterbacks, but the funny part about this is that the NO defense can. A mobile quarterback is a menace to anyone. That isn't unique to the 49ers .

Speaking of solid defensive performances, how about the debut of Josh Norman?

Sure, he had his ugly moments with pass interference calls, but ultimately he was able to slide in for Jason Verrett and hold it down. There was a lot to like about this game defensively for the 49ers. They needed an inspiring defensive win like this as they head back home to host the Packers. That is a team that the 49ers have dominated, but still will need to get their heads keyed in on that offense.

Rejoice 49ers fans!

The 49ers are 2-0 and look primed and ready to handle anyone right now.