Coach Kyle Shanahan: "I know we need to play better."

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan looks on from the sideline during the first half against the Los Angeles Chargers at StubHub Center.Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Postgame Press Conference vs Chargers

On QB C.J. Beathard’s performance today:

“I thought he played well. We came up short there at the end. The last play was unfortunate. Wish we would have solved that and got rid of it. He gave us a chance to win today. Played very tough. Made some big plays, especially in some of the situations with guys going in and out. He handled a little adversity well, and a lot of chaos with some of the injuries. I was proud of how he played.”

On if he felt Beathard performed differently today than he did last year:

“I thought he looked the same way. I thought he did some good things last year, too.”

On if Beathard could have protected himself more on the play where he got the wind knocked out of him:

“Yeah, obviously if you slide, you don’t get hit.”

On if he has talked to Beathard about not putting himself in harm’s way:

“Yeah. You talk to everyone about it and hope for the best.”

On the team’s performance when they were hit with adversity today due to injuries:

“I thought the guys fought hard. I know it wasn’t perfect. I know we need to play better. I was happy when I watched how hard the guys battled. Losing both of our tackles there for a while was scary. We had to finish the first half without them. [Joe] Staley wasn’t able to return. I was happy [T Mike] McGlinchey toughed it out there. His obviously wasn’t as bad as Staley’s [injury], but I know it was hard for him to go that second half. Real proud of our center. He got hurt on the first play of the game and had to come out. He battled through that entire game and we needed him to because there weren’t many guys left. Guys were going down, especially losing both [WR Marquise Goodwin and WR Dante Pettis] also. [WR Kendrick] Bourne and [WR] Trent [Taylor] stepped it up and played some positions they hadn’t played yet. They did a pretty good job on their assignments, just being ready for that. When you lose guys like that — I haven’t been around too many of them — but I was glad the guys still battled and gave us a chance to win there at the end. Just came up short.”

On the resilience of the team:

“I appreciate you pointing it out. We have good guys in our locker room. Our guys aren’t going to fold, they are going to try their hardest every week. We are disappointed we came up short and upset that we didn’t get the win.”

On what is the most disappointing part of not being able to close the game out and get the win:

“That is what we are all working for, to get wins and we only have one of them right now. We had an opportunity to win that game. There were lots of ups and downs throughout the game in all three phases. We had a chance [to win] at the end and we came up short. That’s disappointing.”

On what he thinks about the defense’s performance:

“I think it was similar to the offense and special teams too. We had some misses [on both sides]. There were a number of three-and-outs like that on defense, they got a score for us with a pick six. We started the first couple of drives playing at an extremely high level. On offense, it seemed like we had a number of three-and-outs and we had a number of drives where we went down the field extremely fast. I think we are close. We have people who have the ability to do it and we are showing that at times but we have to be a lot more consistent. It can’t be hit or miss and I think it’s been hit or miss on both sides.”

On his thought process about rotating through cornerbacks:

“We had a plan to put [CB Greg] Mabin in going in. It was more about Mabin and how he has been practicing the last couple of weeks. He had a great week at practice and we thought he deserved it. We planned on him going in the game spelling [CB Ahkello Witherspoon] inward a little bit. When he did go in and got his opportunity, he was playing at a pretty high level so we kept him in.”

On why DB D.J. Reed Jr. started at free safety:

“Just because [DB Adrian] Colbert didn’t practice much throughout the week, was limited throughout the week and had to take some of his reps off, which he didn’t get many of at all. We wanted to go with the healthier guy.”

On why DB Adrian Colbert was still on special teams:

“He did get, I don’t know how many plays, but we did use him on special teams and he was going to have to go if D.J. [Reed Jr.] went down.”

On why he chose to play Colbert on special teams:

“Just because you only get a certain number of guys up on game day and we try to use all of them. He was good enough to go but he’s been banged up these last couple of weeks and didn’t practice for almost two weeks, he practiced a little bit but not as much as [DB] D.J. [Reed Jr.]. You want to put the guy in who has had the reps and is a little bit more prepared. Colbert felt good enough to go towards the end of the week but he wasn’t as prepared for safety as D.J. was.”

On if he was disappointed with the team’s tackling after emphasizing it as something to work on last week:

“Of course, it’s disappointing and I’ll watch the tape to get a better idea, I don’t see all of them. From what I saw, I was pretty happy with it in the first half. I thought we were scoring on the ball, hitting well and wrapping guys. I did see a number of times when we bounced off of them and they got some longer runs than they should have in the second half. We will address it again and keep trying to get better.”

On his thoughts about the number of injuries and if it is just bad luck:

“I would guess so, I am not God so I don’t know why injuries happen but they have been legit injuries. I think we have tough guys who try as hard as they can to play when they are hurt. It’s tough when you’re injured and you just can’t go. It’s happened to a number of guys, it happened to us a little bit last year too and unfortunately, it’s happening again so far. Fortunately, it is a long year and hopefully these guys will recover. I don’t know how bad they are right now, hopefully we will get a number of them back for next week but we will have to see tomorrow.”

On if he was worried QB C.J. Beathard was not going to go back into the game:

“When he was laying there after the hit he took, I was extremely worried. By the time we got to him, I saw on the replay that he didn’t get hit in the head. When I got out there you could tell he got the wind knocked out of him pretty badly which takes a little bit of time to recover, but he was good.”

On if they will be looking into signing another quarterback:

“Yes, we are going to have to look into all of it. We are banged up at offensive line, safety, receiver and quarterback — so it all plays out but we are going to try to get enough guys out there to play.”

On what was the correct play on the final play that resulted in an interception:

“We just had five guys out, scat protection, I think we need to see that he is blitzing and get rid of the ball.”