Could the 49ers' Receivers Be in Line for a Big Production Day vs. Washington?

Jose Luis Sanchez III

With the Washington Redskins looming in week seven on Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers have an easy chance to improve to 6-0. Washington doesn't have all-around talent and one of their lacking positions is in their secondary, specifically at cornerback. Josh Norman has been a shell of himself for the last two seasons and is practically a liability in coverage. 

The same can almost be said about Aaron Colvin who has been on a sudden decline. With the cornerbacks of Washington appearing to be weak, could the 49ers' receivers be in line for a big production day?

That all depends on how the game plays out. In no way is Kyle Shanahan game planning to heavily utilize the wide receivers in this game. Remember, the 49ers are still down three of their best blockers. Even though Jimmy Garoppolo has the quickest release time in the league, it only works if they keep the balance of plays consistent.

Make no mistake, this is a run first offense that wants to pound a defense into the ground. The 49ers' offense is like a battering ram going up against a wall that won't quit until there is nothing but rubble. There is no reason for Kyle Shanahan to deviate from what has been working for them, especially against low-level team like Washington.

Almost every position group of the San Francisco 49ers has played a major factor in their 5-0 start to the season. However, the one group that has yet to really make their presence felt is the wide receivers. Now that is not to say that they haven't been contributors.

They answer the call in pivotal moments like on third downs and such. Not to mention that they are solid in run blocking to keep the outside lanes open. It is just that they haven't had an impressive stat line recorded yet.

The only impressive game from a receiver was Deebo Samuel in week two against the Cincinnati Bengals where he put up five catches for 86 yards and a score. Samuel's status for Sunday is up in the air as he battles a quad injury, but even he has struggled to make use of his opportunities since week two. 

Surprisingly enough, Dante Pettis has been the receiver who is standing out among the group. All of his receptions against the Rams in week six came in clutch moments of conversion. In a way, the 49ers' offense is a bit predictable on third down if it isn't short yardage situation. 

Regardless, Washington's corners might not be good enough to slow down or stop the 49ers' receivers. Depending on how their corners look, I would not expect the stat sheet to be filled much when it comes to the wide receivers of the San Francisco 49ers in week seven. 


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