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Gameday for week eight is finally here for the San Francisco 49ers, who will play host to the surging Carolina Panthers. Today's game should be full of exictement. The 49ers are rocking their 1994 uniforms from their last Super Bowl win and Emmanuel Sanders will make his debut.

Seeing how the offense will operate with Sanders will be a sight to see. The same goes for how the 49ers' defense will gameplan for star running back Christian McCaffrey. 

We have you covered for today's game at Levi's stadium with updates and anaylis. Join the conversation and give us your thoughts about how this game plays out.

49ers inactive list

Panthers inactive list

QB Cam Newton (foot)

EDGE Christian Miller (ankle)

OT Greg Little (concussion)

WR Greg Dortch

OL Bryan Witzmann

DE Bryan Cox, Jr.

1st Quarter

15:00 - 49ers will receive the ball to start the game. Carolina is ranked as one of the worst rushing defenses, so the 49ers will look to exploit that weakness.

9:14 - Emmanuel Sanders scores his first career touchdown as a 49er. He scores on a hesitation on a out route and Garoppolo hits him on the numbers. So far, the trade for Sanders looks to be paying off.

7:03 - Sacked! Who else other than Nick Bosa. The rookie continues to put the league on notice. That is now his fifth sack of the year.

6:59 - Interception! Jimmy Garoppolo on the first play of the second drive throws a pick to Luke Kuechly. Carolina Ball again.

4:23 - 49ers' defense holds by sacking Kyle Allen on third down courtesy of DeForest Buckner. 49ers still leading.

Panthers 3 49ers 7

1:09 - Another score for the 49ers to increase their lead. Tevin Coleman with a beautiful run into the end-zone. Kyle Shanhan's play-calling is unstoppable.

Panthers 3 49ers 14

End of the first quarter: This game has been heavily skewed in favor of the 49ers. Carolina cannot get anything going on offense and their defense is getting sliced up by Kyle Shanahan's clinical play-calling. Things could get ugly for the Panthers early. 49ers must maintain this momentum into the second quarter.

2nd Quarter

13:46 - 49ers interception! Emmanuel Moseley steals one from Kyle Allen to give the 49ers possession of the ball in excellent field position.

12:43 - It's a bloodbath at Levi's Stadium as the 49ers score another touchdown, once again, by Tevin Coleman. This is the best way to keep the Panthers from utilizing Christian McCaffrey heavily and to rely on Kyle Allen to make throws.

Panthers 3 49ers 21

9: 58 - It's a sack party at Levi's Stadium with D.J. Jones getting in on the celebrations. That is now three sacks on Kyle Allen. This defense of the 49ers is too much for the Panthers' offense.

6:20 - 49ers have, by far, their sloppiest offensive drive of the game. Mental errors that took the form of penalties to keep the 49ers from moving the ball.

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3:48 - Arik Armstead gets his second sack of the game. At this point, Kyle Allen has to feel like Jets' quarterback Sam Darnold with the ghosts on the field.

1:53 - The "Pretenders" continue to blow out the Panthers with another score. Tevin Coleman gets his hat trick with this third touchdown of the game. If you started him in fantasy football, you must be hyped!

Panthers 3 49ers 27

1:00 - Nick Bosa gets his own hat trick with his third sack of the game on Kyle Allen. This is plain out unfair. No way the Panthers can find success against this defense. Allen has been sacked six times already in only one half.

Halftime: Carolina does not have any chance to score against the 49ers' defense. Kyle Allen has been smothered all game and with the score so skewed, running the ball with McCaffrey is not in their best interest. 49ers have neutralized the Panthers' best player without having to heavily scheme against him thanks to the defense. This should be easy sailing in the second half for the 49ers to seal a win.

3rd Quarter

13:24 - Carolina opens the second half moving the ball a bit better, but it is not enough to get them a score. 49ers will take over.

12:43 - Panthers' offense is struggling to score so the defense takes the game into their own hands. 49ers give up a safety on sack by Bruce Irvin. Could this be the spark that the Panthers needed?

Panthers 5 49ers 27

11:15 - And it does look like the spark the Panthers needed. Christian McCaffrey rips off a 51 yard run for the touchdown. Carolina also converts on the 2-point conversion on a pitch to McCaffrey.

Panthers 13 49ers 27

Injury update: RB Matt Breida questionable to return with an ankle injury.

7:15 - Deebo Samuel scampers off into the endzone on a stellar play-design from Kyle Shanahan. 49ers keep their foot on the gas pedal to keep the pressure on the Panthers.

Panthers 13 49ers 34

4:00 - 49ers' offense stalls out and is forced to punt. Can't expect every drive to go for a score, even though it has seemed that way all game.

1:50 - Richard Sherman gets the interception for the 49ers' second turnover of the day. Field position is practically begging the 49ers to score a touchdown here at the Carolina 10 yard line.

0:29 - Make that four touchdowns for Tevin Coleman! The guy cannot be stopped. Phenomenal blocking by the offensive line all game and vision of Coleman to make the most of these run calls.

Panthers 13 49ers 41

0:00 - Nick Bosa adds an interception to his already stellar stat sheet. He almost takes it to the house and the offense of the 49ers has great field position again.

End of Third Quarter: Kyle Shanahan is establishing himself as a Coach of the Year candidate, as well as Nick Bosa for Defensive Player of the Year. This team is the real deal. Carolina had no shot this game.

4th Quarter

12:52 - Robbie Gould nails the field goal try to extend the 49ers' lead. This game is practically over at this point. No way the Panthers come back from such a deficit. 

Panthers 13 49ers 44

12:03 - The circus continues for the offense of the Panthers. They try to pass it on the 49ers, but the result has remained the same. At this point, they are better off running the ball to drain the clock.

6:24 - Carolina turnover on downs and the 49ers will roll out with their backups. Nick Mullens to take over.

6:16 - 49ers show no remorse as Raheem Mostert breaks one loose for a score. If you bet the 49ers' at -5.5 you have to be feeling good.

Panthers 13 49ers 51

Final: Panthers 13 49ers 51