Kyle Shanahan Recaps Final Game of the 2018 Season

Sports Xchange

The 49ers head coach evaluated the team's performance in Week 17 and gave postgame injury updates.

(Opening remarks)

“Injuries: (49ers RB Jeff) Wilson (Jr.) – shoulder, did not return; (49ers OL) Laken (Tomlinson) – knee, didn’t return; (49ers RB Alfred) Morris – shoulder, no return; and (49ers NB) K’Waun (Williams) was ribs.”

(On if he has any sense of 49ers OL Laken Tomlinson’s knee injury)

“Yeah, they can’t confirm for sure. There’s still a chance, so we’re hoping not for an ACL, but definitely a possibility.”

(On if he has an overall thought on his team’s 4-12 season)

“Not yet. We just finished this game. Obviously, we weren’t happy with our record. I was happy with some of the things we fought through and got better at, but we’ll be looking at that over the next month.”

(On how gratifying it was that 49ers TE George Kittle got the record for single-season receiving yards by a tight end)

"It was. It was huge. We were hoping that it would work out that way. The way the game went, I didn’t think it would go that way, but at the end he made a few big plays. I was real happy that the defense did stop them at the end there to give us a chance to go for it. We told them, ‘As soon as he gets it, we’re done,’ so it was pretty cool that he turned it into a touchdown. That’s what he’s been doing all year, so he’s done a hell of a job.”

(On if he was taking time outs at the end of the game with the purpose of letting 49ers TE George Kittle get the record)

"Yeah, totally. We had a pretty good idea the game was over, and we would have got people out of there, try to be as healthy as possible. But the whole team and us wanted to get that for (49ers TE George) Kittle.”

(On if he felt like he owed 49ers TE George Kittle one after he failed to earn the single-game receiving yards record against the Broncos)

"A little bit. I definitely did. He’s let me know about it. So has his mom and dad, so we tried to make it up to him.”

(On if he had to say anything to 49ers QB Nick Mullens about his three interceptions in the first half)

"Not really. He knows what he was doing wrong. They made a couple good plays. I know they’re all ones he’d want to have back. That was a disappointing thing about the game, not just Nick - those are on everybody, also the fumble. Starting that game off with four turnovers, the same way we did the last time versus them doesn’t give yourself much of a chance to play.”

(On if Mullens remained composed on the sideline)

"Yeah, Nick doesn’t change. That’s what I’ve said from the beginning in terms of he’s a machine. He doesn’t change. He gets down on himself but that doesn’t affect his play. He comes back, he’s competitive, and he never stops letting it rip.”

(On the season that 49ers OL Laken Tomlinson had)

"(OL) Laken (Tomlinson)’s been great all year. We got him a week before the season our first year here. He didn’t start our first game and then I think he started all 15 games after that. He’s gotten better each week. He came in this offseason, took a huge step forward. He’s stayed healthy for us all year. He’s been a very good player. Hoping for good news on him, but if not, I know he’ll do his rehab and be ready at sometime next year. He’s a huge part of what we do.”

(On if substituting CB Greg Mabin for CB Richard Sherman was just to see what Mabin could do)

"Yeah, a little bit. (CB Richard Sherman) had a little Achilles soreness and stuff with the situation, especially when we got to the second half. I know he would have liked to play longer, but we wanted to be smart with that and also give the other guys a little more chance out there.”

(On if he would have been shocked to hear that 49ers TE George Kittle would have had a year like this when the season started)

"Yeah, it would be a shock. He’s good enough to, but it’s hard to get one guy that stuff when you spread it around and we spread it around a ton this year, so that makes more sense to me there. We’ll see how next year goes, but he can have a much better year next year and not do that stuff. Stats don’t always tell that, but he had an unbelievable year.”

(On potentially dealing with 49ers TE George Kittle’s parents again next year)

"I know. The pressure is going to get on, I know. Got to be able to handle that though.”

(On if he thinks that high expectations played a factor in the team starting the season so slowly)

"I don’t think so. It just has to do with playing as good as you can. I don’t think we played as well as we can at the beginning and then we went into some tough injuries and stuff, which makes it harder. I think we found our groove a little bit more as the year went. We’ve got to find a way to start off playing as good as we can. In terms of ending last year, I don’t think that affects much, just like I don’t think this does. You take stuff from wins and losses, you try to get better, not worse. We better make sure we come back next year we ready to go and turn this around.”