Richard Sherman: Rams Game was a Good Learning Experience for a Young Team

Sports Xchange

The 49ers cornerback reviewed the team's Week 17 performance against the Los Angeles Rams and congratulated George Kittle on his record-breaking season.

(On 49ers TE George Kittle breaking NFL record for most receiving yards by a tight end in a single season)

“He deserved it man. He’s such a hardworking player. The last play was like a microcosm of who he is as a player and a person. It’s a five-yard gain for the record and he takes it – whatever it was – 40 yards, scores a touchdown. He just never stops playing.”

(On how aware the defense was of Kittle’s chase for the record)

“They were so aware. They were really aware. The coaches told them, ‘We’ve got to get this stop for him so he can get a chance at it.’ I think everybody was aware of it throughout most of the game. Obviously, it got out of hand kind of early and guys were just trying to get him the ball back.”

(On what this season has been like for him considering he’s predominately played on winning teams previously in his career)

“It’s been up and down. We’ve won some and we’ve dealt with the injury bug more than anything, but it’s been a good learning experience. It’s good learning for the young guys. Some guys got some valuable experience. It’s been good learning. Obviously, it’s unfortunate the way it played out, but next year we’ll have another chance at it.”

(On how close the team is to being the playoff race next year)

“Well, it’s hard to say. It’s hard to tell without your guys out there. Without (49ers QB) Jimmy ‘G’ (Garoppolo), you’ve got your franchise quarterback you lose, what? – three games into the season. You lose the running back you just paid no games into the season. Your starting receivers get banged up. You lose a safety a game almost every game all the way up until the tenth, eleventh game. I think it’ll be tough to know how good we’ll be till we have a consistent unit out there and show some continuity.”

(On if he’ll need to do further maintenance on his Achilles this offseason or just rest)

“You’ve got to rest to it, but you always need more maintenance to get it stronger. Obviously, I’ll have offseason to actually work out and get it stronger and work on my quick twitch. Do the things that I didn’t have time to do once we got into season. It’s constant, once you get to a certain age it’s constant body maintenance.”